In easy terms it is the process in which we take liquid inks and push them through stencils to make custom designs on apparel and more. If you have ever felt a t-shirt, water bottle, or pen at a local retailer with a design on it you have probably seen screen printing. It is our superior artwork and prideful quality that allows us to bring some of the best screen printed products to our customers. Click below to request your custom screen printed apparel today.

This is a true art form. We take the simple to the most complex designs, picture, text, and apply them to garments or material using only thread. From the beginning steps of programing our state of the art embroidery machine to the end of trimming every needed stitch, we can produce product for you that will capture exactly what you have in mind. Click below to request your custom embroidered apparel today.


Support Packs-

What if I told you that SKAZMA Custom Apparel has a fundraiser that would pay you for each item your team or organization sells? You heard us right, we will pay YOU! It is called a SUPPORT PACK and it is a great way to raise money without all the hassle. The more your organization sells the more money goes back into your pocket… up to $30,000 dollars! All support packs are sold through an online store that one of our awesome design team members creates specifically for you and your organization. Contact us today to learn more about this amazing fundraising opportunity!

Spirit Packs-

Want to get your team, school or organization looking sharp in some spirit gear? Work with one of our  A+ graphic designers to create everything you need for a spirit pack. If you already have the graphics or just an idea we will work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want. Depending on the size of the organization we will either supply a simple form for you to hand out and get orders or we can create an online store specifically for you.

Corporate Packages-

Come in and work with one of our friendly staff to set up the perfect customized corporate package for you and your company. Choose from a variety of items such as T-Shirts, Polo shirts, jackets, bags, promotional products and more. Whether you are a small business or a large business we can accommodate the perfect corporate package for you!



The ultimate statement of achievement; The Varsity Letter Jacket. The ultimate display of the hard work and dedication. This time honored tradition continues with an enduring style that marks the upper echelon of personal triumph. Wear it with pride – you’ve earned it! We provide the highest quality custom jackets. Whether you are in the market for one of our local schools jacket or custom statement jacket we have what you want. Your ultimate display can be customize in nearly any way imaginable.


Is your team in need of new uniforms and gear? We specialize in fully customizable team uniforms such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, football and more. If you are looking for a certain brand or trying to stick to a specific price point we have you covered. We offer a vast variety of uniform options from Under Armour and Asics to Badger and High 5. We also offer moisture wicking, full custom sublimation and more.


Is your business, church, school or organization in need of something special for those valued customers, coaches, students or employees? We have the items you are looking for. With endless products to choose from, we can create a mind blowing item that will make your group stand above the rest. If its chairs, pens, cups, notepads, business cards, calendars or even the more obscure items like custom foam airplanes, ice scrapers or custom dog treats, we can supply everything you need.  At Skazma Custom Apparel we strive to design and create products that will set you apart.


Does your team need names or numbers put on their uniforms or jerseys? Heat pressing uses a high level of heat and pressure to bond plastics to fabrics. We offer a variety of fonts, styles and colors for names and numbering.