Breast Cancer Awareness 

October is the national month for breast cancer awareness, and it is a cause SKAZMA holds very close to our hearts. We love when customers order pink merch to raise awareness because it is how we play our role during the month. While we enjoy seeing schools and streets lined with pink, October is about more than awareness for those with the disease. It is also about teaching women the signs to look out for. Although breast cancer is credited to a person’s genes, regular checkups are especially important to catch breast cancer at its early stages. Things like substance abuse, obesity, and hormones can all increase the risk of breast cancer. Whatever breast cancer means to you, it is important for everyone to do what they can to spread awareness for both the victims and prevention. 

High School Tradition 

On a lighter note, it is also letter jacket season. These are a trademark for any high school student. When I was a kid trying on my mom’s jacket, I could not wait to get one of my own someday. Fast forward to December 2018, my sophomore year of high school. I opened a Christmas gift that held my own letter jacket. Sewn perfectly with both an academic and athletic letter with my last name decorated on the back. At that moment I was instantly overwhelmed with pride and joy. For the first time in my short 16 years, I felt like I would be able to carve out my mark in this world. Having a physical garment to tell the world of my accomplishments had kept me motivated throughout my academic and athletic careers.   

More than a Jacket 

Letter jackets are something that students wear as a token of pride in their school and themselves. They were originally designed by Harvard in the 1860s specifically for athletes. By now they have evolved to include a wide range of students. Of course, varsity athletes receive letters, along with honor students, and several extracurricular activities that also offer letters; including things like band and journalism. Every time your student puts it on, it reminds them that in their accomplishments, they are capable of anything they set their mind to. Parents send their children to school to better prepare them for the future. The ability to wear something they achieved on their own, fuels your students’ motivation to strive for greatness. Along with motivation, letter jackets are a great confidence boost. A customized jacket gives your student a sense of individuality because their accomplishments are their own. It sets them apart from their peers in a positive way. 

The Perfect Winter Gift 

It typically takes 8-10 weeks to produce a jacket after the order is placed. Most of the process is ordering and waiting for the physical garment to ship. The rest of the time is dedicated to each customization; placed and stitched perfectly to provide a jacket that your student will be proud to wear. We sew each jacket individually, so everyone has the special care of a real person, rather than a machine, to ensure perfection. October is the perfect time to place an order in time for Christmas, or even just the coldest months of the season!  

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