Winter is Coming

If you’re from Colorado, I’m sure you know just how cold the winter months can get! Yet, for many of us, winter is our favorite season. Why is this? It’s because we greet the biting cold with clothes that are built to bear the low temperatures. Fabrics like fleece and flannel keep us comfortable while still allowing us to participate in our normal, daily activities.

For companies that require work outside all year round, employers understand the importance of choosing work attire that will sustain their workers through all weather. From construction workers to linemen to soccer coaches, and everything in between, we have the gear for you. At SKAZMA, we are experts in what specific materials equip you for Colorado winters, so we can answer any question you may have to supply you with exactly you need!

Layers on Layers

While it is true that heavier fabrics are typically warmer, there are other options invented to keep in warmth while still being flexible enough to complete work tasks. These fabrics suited for the cold range anywhere from technical bonded fleeces to simple cotton products. Many winter garments are lined to increase your warmth in cold weather. Some prefer to have both heavier and lighter fabrics for their workload, multi layers clothing system. It may be practical to supply your workers with a heavier jacket for the colder mornings and something a little lighter such as cotton long sleeves for the time of day when the sun peaks out. Layering is typically the best option to prepare your workers for temperature changes throughout the day. There are options for this, perhaps a soft-shell jacket paired with a long-sleeved tee. This gives employees the option to wear what they choose underneath. Another great pairing may be a hoodie with a vest. Vests can be a great option to add just enough extra heat with the flexibility to take it off and put it on conveniently!  There are an endless number of combinations to prepare for the cold.

What is the Best Option for Me?

Some companies opt for 8.5oz. hoodies and a few cottons long sleeves because it is the cheapest option. Others prefer heavier apparel such as a 12 oz. hoodie or a Carhart jacket because, while they are more expensive, those materials are more guaranteed to keep you warm. At the end of the day, it is what YOU need. Soft shell and Carhart jackets look great when they are embroidered with a company logo! On the other hand, cotton hoodies and shirts are typically screen printed for a professional finish. These are all options to keep your employees warm while still promoting your company.

All our winter gear allows for options the provide comfort, warmth, and professionalism. As an employer it can be stressful to prepare your workers for the cold while still uniting your business. SKAZMA works with construction, oil, coaches, and many other industries every year. We can get you the customized products you need for this upcoming winter.

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