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Owning your advice? 

SKAZMA enjoys explaining that unity is an important piece in any business, community, or organizations branding. Without a unified brand, customers have a difficult time understanding who you are and what you are about. While SKAZMA has been advocating this for years, sometimes you must look back from an outside perspective and take your own advice. We took that view with our own website and realized that we could do better. We decided to get the whole SKAZMA family involved to renovate our website into something that unites our brand image, explains who we are, what we do, and makes for an easy customer experience.  

 What’s Changed? 

Our old website used an outdated color scheme that included multiple outdated versions of our logo. The navigation was clunky, and it didn’t represent how easy it is to work with SKAZMA. It was also a challenge to find out who SKAZMA was. We wanted to change the website to be fast, efficient, and effortless for our customers.  

We believe that our customers should have the most enjoyable experience when working with us! Many times, your experience as a customer starts with our website. The pages on our new website include the services we offer, a gallery of our work, and the 1,2,3 process it takes to complete your order. This is just enough information for you to find exactly what you need without having to search or having to do any extra research. In the spirit of making your experience easier, we included a “request a quote” button. With this updated addition, you don’t need to search for our contact information. Simply tell us about your project to begin the process and we will reach out to you to get the information we need to make your project a success.

Important information.

The last, yet most FUN, component of our new website is all the amazing text and pictures. We wanted you to hear SKAZMA’ s voice. We wanted our customers to see our actual work and other customer’s projects that we have completed. We supplied all original content to our site. is a space you can visit when you want to get a feel for who you will be working with. We didn’t want to use stock pictures from the internet that dupe people into getting something different than what they see. All the content you see on our new website is of our products and of our shop. All the text you read came directly from us. We used our own voice because that’s what we want you to do for your brand! 

Come visit our new site! 

Our new website is designed specifically for the SKAZMA customer. Visit our new website to discover the new and easy SKAZMA experience. Thank you for allowing SKAZMA to unite your brand and customize your world.  

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