Our Story

The question so many ask, what is SKAZMA? Simple answer: the family – Shawnda, Kevin, Amber, Zach, Melinda and Aiden – SKAZMA. When we started this adventure together we needed a name and over dinner SKAZMA was born (Mom, Dad, Daughter, Son, Daughter in-law and Grandson). Each one in the family has worked for the business at one time or another, except Aiden he thinks it’s a cool place to hang out with Dad and Grandpa.

The three main characters are Zach the Operations Manager, Amber the Graphic Artist and Kevin the General Manager. We are 100% family owned, and located in Longmont, Colo.


SKAZMA Custom Apparel was started in 2004 as a complement to our sporting goods store, The Play-Off. As all good things must come to an end, we decided in April of 2015 to close down the sporting goods store to put all of our focus into SKAZMA Custom Apparel. Our outstanding customer service, graphic design, and attention to detail have allowed us to provide remarkable products and experience to our customers.