School Spirit Wear

Custom Spirit Wear “Forgot Password”. “Answer Security Question”. “What Was Your High School Mascot”. School spirit often follows us through the entirety of our lives. It impacts the relations we have throughout our academic careers and the involvement in our education. It is an important piece of a student’s school

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Improving Company Culture

Before we get ahead of ourselves, it’s worth asking the question, “What even is company culture?” Simply put, it’s the shared goals, values, and practices of a given organization. That’s pretty uninspiring, so let’s takes a closer look. Picture a field if you will. The products and services your company

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Corporate Gifting

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is searching for the perfect gift for their friends and families, and businesses are sending out their usual client appreciation gifts. What if we told you that for businesses, Christmas gifts may not be the best idea? At Skazma, we make branded apparel

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4 Ways to Boost Your Brand Awareness

1. Run Paid Ads on Social Media We’ll start with perhaps the easiest one on this list. In simple terms- you get what you pay for. Your brand probably already has a social media presence but may have had trouble growing not only your following but engagement metrics. It would

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New Website blog

New Website

Owning your advice?  SKAZMA enjoys explaining that unity is an important piece in any business, community, or organizations branding. Without a unified brand, customers have a difficult time understanding who you are and what you are about. While SKAZMA has been advocating this for years, sometimes you must look back

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