Person holding there arms up from the top of a mountain overlooking a beautiful valley at sunrise.

Power of Positivity

Good morning, you remarkable beams of positivity! I hope you are having a glorious start to this magnificent year, 2024.

This year at Skazma, we are focusing on the positive aspects of teamwork, community, relationships, and their impact on us. How are we altered by these factors in our daily lives? Do you merely accept the mundane minutia, or do you rally to make a difference? Can you help, be powerful, and be part of the solution? Perhaps you have heard something similar to the tone of the statement below, but how does it affect you when you hear it? Do these little things give you a grain of hope? Who in your life pushes you towards positivity, pulling you out of the dark and into the light, rescuing you from a cranky afternoon funk? Can you be that rockstar person for someone else?

Here at Skazma, we believe that you, our beloved customers are wonderful, powerful, and resilient. So, get out of your head, off your butt, and harness the power you hold to make today the best it can be. Open your arms and embrace a different 2024—a bolder, brighter, more positive year. Be the shining light in your community. No more disliking people; interact positively with your fellow humans and discover that most are warriors of wonderfulness when treated right. Take an extra second out of your day to genuinely interact with a fellow air breather. Ask about them and freak’n mean it. You can do it, and watch the changes happen around you. 


If these statements make you feel positive and ridiculously inspired, you’re not alone. Most people don’t need a bonfire to ignite them, just a few sparks, and that will start the fire. Once the positive fire is ignited, you are good to go. Remember, surround yourself with people who can reignite your fire on those hard days and moments when life gives you a swift kick. Being positive more often than not will help create positivity around you, and before you know it, the community is a bonfire of positivity. Life is hard, but if we get through it together in a positive light, it is a lot more enjoyable.

Some of this probably pertains to your personal life. Since this is technically from Skazma (not the ramblings of a madman, ha!), how does this apply to you in the professional world? Well… We have told our employees and co-workers that we spend more time with them than we do with our families or spouses in a given year, so we all need to get along, be a team, and stay positive. Everyone can have their moments. If someone can identify that and, at an opportune moment, ask, “Are you okay? Can I help? You got this,” then maybe we can create a more positive workplace. What if we enjoy the people we work with and the environment? It sounds easy, so just do it; make that easy!

Even further down the rabbit hole of business. What about your customers, vendors, and even the amazingly hardworking and extremely handsome package delivery person? You might notice a trend here: be positive, interact with them genuinely, and be thankful. One of my favorite people to have a lunch appointment with is a customer named Rodney, who I have witnessed undergo genuine positive change over the years. He made some choices in life to right his ship and see things from a different positive perspective. It is a true pleasure to join him for lunch and always a reminder to me to look up, not down. He is someone I would call a friend. Remember that just because you are doing business together does not mean that your interactions must be sterile or only for gain. Having meaningful partnership-type relationships with your customers, vendors, and package delivery guys will benefit everyone. If you’re like that, people will want to do business with you. Your community is everyone around you with whom you interact. Can you spread that positivity in your community to make your life and everyone else’s better?

Of course, as mentioned above, this is Skazma—my shameless plug here at the end is that we are here and want to have that relationship with you. But seriously, if you need anything, please reach out, and we would like to see how we can help.

Cheers to a beautiful and brilliant 2024, Team Skazma!


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