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This time we are going to gaze into designing superb custom Apparel. The must haves, are a blend of creativity, strategy, and a comprehension of the visual elements that make a design amazing, cool , baller, whatever your fancy. Whether you’re a seasoned graphic designer or a business owner exploring DIY options, this little guide will ensure that you make a statement with your next sweet piece of merch. Let’s get it!

  1. Define Your Purpose and Audience:

   Before putting pen to paper (or cursor to screen), storm the brain on the purpose of your merch and identify your target audience. Think about the idea, message, statement you want to transmit and the emotions you want to evoke. Simple, busy, colorful, monotone, trendy, classic, thought provoking?

  1. Get Intouch with a Bit of Color Theory:

   Color plays a monumental role in merch design. Familiarize yourself with basic color theory principles to ensure your design resonates visually. Consider the mood related to different colors and pick a palette that relates your message to your people.

  1. Choose High-Quality Images:

   Whether you’re creating your own illustrations or sourcing images, you MUST have high-resolution or preferably vector quality graphics. This will allow you to make clean graphics that are scalable to your demands. Make sure your images are on point to your message and are easily understood when applied to your merch. Here is a super quick guide on proper artwork –

  1. Typography (Font) Matters:

   Rocking the right font is key to effective design. The selected typeface should complement your overall design, should be easy to read, and align with the overall sweet theme you are working with. Geek out with font sizes and styles to find the perfect balance for your design.

  1. Consider Placement and Scale:

   Ponder where on the merch your design will be. Front and center? Over the heart? A large back print? Big? Small? Adjust the scale and placement. Get an idea of how the design will look when customized on your piece.

  1. Create a Distinctive Style:

   Develop a unique and recognizable style that sets you apart. Whether it’s through the use of a illustration technique, a signature color scheme, or a distinctive font choice, aim for a style that becomes your brand. Make it yours.

  1. Simplicity is Key:

   While it’s tempting to go all out with intricate, super cool details, remember that simplicity often resonates best. We urge aiming for a clean and balanced aesthetic that is clearly digestible at a glance. At the end of the day, you have just a second, a moment to get a glancing eyeball and did it pick-up up your message with ease? Don’t miss those extremely valuable glances because it’s to much.

  1. Test Your Design:

   Take it back to the old school. Before finalizing your design, print it out in the actual size, use some scissors, and drop it on that hot merch if possible. This will always give you a great idea of how the design will pop or not. Easy, adjustments as needed and repeat.

  1. Incorporate Branding Elements:

   If the item is part of a larger branding strategy, combine relevant branding elements such as logos, taglines, or company colors. Consistency across branding touchpoints is crucial for recognition.

  1. Choose Quality Materials:

   Look at the merch you are creating and make sure the style, feel, and product are on par with the standards you want to keep. Choose items that are relevant to your brand and promote it properly with the quality as well. Some merch can be a cheap tank for suns out guns out, others might need a high-end wool cardigan to exude that sophisticated style. Make sure you nail the quality of product as well.

Designing the best merch involves a thoughtful blend of creativity and strategic thinking. By considering elements like color theory, typography, image placement, and simplicity, you can create a visually attractive and effective custom product that leaves an impression. If you’re designing for personal expression or business branding, at Skazma we can help. We have been doing this for 20 years and we relish the opportunity to partner with you in creating top-notch superb merch.

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Here at Skazma we provide 30 mins of free design time on qualifying orders of 24 pieces or more. We can take the above and make it as simple as, tell us what you are looking for. You can sit in our wicked cool design center with a designer or we can do it by email. No matter how we design for you, rest easy that we specialize in making you merch dreams come true!

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